Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Terrible Weather

W.A.L.T: Put it all together.

Lightning and Thunder.  Tree fell over.  Big truck.  Something chopping up the wood.  We got free wood at the and.  They made the fence.  The fence was chipped.  Mr Merriman. Scary.  I took photos.  Windy.  Dad said we could of pushed it over.  Old.  Snapped not uprooted.  Saw dust.  It looks way different.  Noisy.  Building people.  Bright orange jackets.

While I was school I checked my emails and Mum sent me an email that said Mr Merriman's tree fell down!  When I got home I noticed that it chipped the fence,  Dad said that they made that fence so I felt sorry for them.  It was a really old tree though, So I think we could probably push it over.  CRASH BANG BOOM! I can hear the lightning and thunder booming down from the sky like a Radio on full boar.  'I don't like it when there's lots of rain and we have to stay inside' I said to Mum.  So I  ran as fast as I could to get out of this boring house to the fascinating outdoors and took some photos of the  People carefully cutting down the tree.  They were wearing bright Orange jackets and they also had a big Yellow machine that they used to grind the big bulky wood and make it into Saw Dust.  Once they were finished they let us have some of the wood.  I helped Mr Merriman and Dad bring it in.  I was dressed up in some of my best clothes because I was going out for dinner but I got Saw Dust all over me so I had to go upstairs and brush myself off.  The next day I went outside when it was fine again and it looks quite different now because I'm used to a big tree outside their house that I can climb up.  A while after that I went out the back of OUR house and one of our small fruit trees had fallen over.  Luckily it uprooted and we could push it back into place.  'At least our tree didn't fall over as well' Mum said. (It was rotten so It probably would if it was windy enough)  The wind was still blowing for the rest of the day.


  1. Great story (apart from the "this boring house" part - that hurt my feelings!) Perhaps we can talk about that bit later.

  2. I didn't mean it like that... I ment it like, I was just sitting on the computer doing nothing so I was bored. I'm not saying you're boring.

  3. you had lots of onomatopoetic and that plan was a really good plan it toled you all what you need to write but you need more fullstops