Thursday, July 29, 2010

My Term 3 PI Matrix

    Shows weeks of work
    Audience is very interested
    I've done the work myself
    Research in my words – with my personality in it
    Contains humour(?)
    Interaction with the audience
    Speech is confident, clear and with action and expression

    Shows three or four weeks of work
    Contains pictures and steps
    Information is interesting and in my own words
    Adults have supported me without doing work for me
    Some humour
    Some interaction
    Audience is attentive
    Speech is clear

    Shows about a week’s work
    A little information – some in my own words
    Adults have done some of it for me
    No interaction with the audience
    No humour
    Poor presentation
    Few pictures

    Reads the words on the PowerPoint or Glog
Clearly started at the last minute
    Hardly any info
    Parents have done a lot of it for me
    No pictures or steps
    Copied straight off the internet

    No humour
    Not finished on time
    Untidy presentation
    Speech is not very clear

I think I did quite well because the audience was interested and everyone got to have something.
I needed to speak with a little bit more confidence though. 

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Term 3 PI Feed Back

aidan's eportfolio said...
good pi cool idea about your choc fish
CaelumTahiwi said...
Good PI Hannah you did really well you had lots of info and those fish you caught from new world were very good
Kale Eriksson said...
good pi hannah we thought it was very tasty now our favourite fish is the choclate fihs to
TC said...
Great presentation, Hannah. You were well organised and provided some varied and interesting aspects to a very good topic. The chocolate fish provided some good humour. Nice work, Hannah.
louisemg said...
I thought your PI was a very interesting topic Hannah. You had some well thought of questions and presented your PI very well. I liked how you had some cards so that you could face the class while you spoke. Next time, try to speak a little more slowly, and pause after each question so that people can think about and absorb what you said. Great work, well done!
sophie's 2010eportfolio said...
great pi hannah that was really cool you had some good information and that was a yummy pi to and those teeth were huge nice work Sophie,Sara
Emma Smith said...
Emma- That was a AWESOME PI Hannah you picked a really good topic and you put lots of information so well done Hannah! Linda-very good it was yummy but one thing why did you put the blue thing on it? , but well done.
oliverbh said...
Well done Hannah!!! Tasty Mmmm!!! Question how big was the blue shark!!
Kate W said...
WOW! Cool P.I Hannah! We really enjoyed it! We really liked how you had little Q-card to help you read the info! And We liked the chocolate fish! THANKS HANNAH Libby,Kate,Chaz
zmacdermidefolio said...
cool PI Hannah. you had lots of picture and you put it in your own words.Next time add more info. but we liked your PI. Zia, Grace
Alanas e portfolio said...
Natalya good idea and tasty PI it was really interesting we injoyed it heaps Alana It was a really good P.I it was very nice of you to give us the Chocolate Fish
Brittany Spencer said...
Cool PI Hannah, we LOVED the chocolate fishys! You pictures and an article from the news paper which was good aswell. Next time: Make your writing on the board easier to read and maybe some more information. And face the audience, learn your cue cards of by heart. Great PI Hannah PS: Yummy choc fishys and thanks for giving them to us! Britt and Luce =)
Nathalie said...
That was a tasty PI hannah.It was cool how you showed us the sharks jaws and we liked seeing the sharks teeth.We also liked the photos.You spoke very clearly but next time you could give a little more contact.Well done hannah! Nat and kelly =)
Alan Kirk said...
cool and nice fishing skills from new world

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Home Fun Percentage For Term 2

I got 90% for my home fun percentage for term 2.
I think I did really well because last term I got 88%.
The improvement in my percentage is really good because I got 100 Snidges this time.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Term 2 Goal Description

My Goal Is To Be More Brave
I chose a good goal because its challenging but i achieved it.
In term 1 I used this goal as well because I thought it was a good goal and because I could use it to make me have more confidence in myself for things like Drama comps and school productions.
The being more brave poster that I made to show my goal gives me confidence to be more brave.