Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My Best Writing Term 3

One day I was at my Nana's house and unexpectedly my dad drove there withe a cute little dog! His name was Charlie and he is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel . Charlie has a brother called Fred and sadly the got separated from each other. We have had charlie for five years now. Hes not very playful mostly sleepy. we got heaps of toys but he never plays with them so that was a wast of money. I think charlie is the best dog in the world. If we had him since he was born i wold of named him Mr Snuffles because he sniffles EVERYTHING. My friend Danielle and i used to call him super vacuum cleaner a few years ago , then he ate any food that fell on the floor. Charlie always chases flies and birds. I think that Charlie is a really fast dog when we take him for walks but when were at home he is always lazy and sleeps all day. My parents and I always call him little walie dog.

This is my best piece of writing because I made it interesting for the reader and added weird facts about my dog Charlie.

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  1. A very descriptive story about the day we got our first family dog.