Thursday, November 4, 2010

Speech S.A

Written and Oral Language
                                         We are learning to:
  • Present material, conveying meaning clearly and accurately
  • Write and speak, expressing personal viewpoints, sequencing ideas logically

Speech Topic:

Extreme Sports
Self Assessment from video
Speech in front of class
Success Criteria:
Speech Writing
My speech followed the hamburger technique and was logically sequenced
The point I was making was easy to understand
My speech contained research
My speech had voice and was interesting
My speech was in my words
My big idea comes through strongly
I enunciated my words clearly
Terminal consonants
T's and d in the middles of words
Swallowed my goobies first
Separated my words
My voice was loud enough
I learnt my speech off by heart
I used expression in my voice
I used enough volume to be heard by all
I used eye-contact
My speech was not too fast, not too slow
My speech was between 2 and 3 minutes
My presentation materials supported but didn’t repeat my words

Novice – 5        Apprentice – 6        Practitioner – 11        Expert –14+

Self Assessment after Video
I think that I did quite well in my video because I didn't do anything weird like play with my hair or things like that but I think that I need to speak a bit louder since it was windy

Self Assessment after Speech
I didn't speak very loud because it was my first time presenting a speech to the class but I spoke clearly and I think they could here me a bit.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My Speech