Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Archimedes Maths Sample

I Did well on this because it explanes how I worked it out clearly and its Bold so you can see it.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bouncer The Alien

WALT: describe... with voice
Bouncer Is an alien on the planet Boingo. He is tall and skinny with one foot to bounce on all day. Bouncer lives with his mum, dad, big sister and little brother. They're all boingies. His Mums name is Skits, his dads name is Booker, his Big sisters name is Splat And his little brothers name is Biff Booker. Bouncer has no head, only one beautiful blue eye sticking out of his long neck. His skin is smooth like a roes petals and as green as grass in spring. He has a big long toung about as long as the Ifall tower in France. Bouncer always wears his favorite cardie that his Nana made him, (It's blue with a picture of him on it.) He always listens to the radio singing along to his favorite song, Disco Aliens.Boingies like Bouncer speak in code and they say stuff like "Buzaca poof zizminga!" That is boingo for "Hi how are you?"