Thursday, October 14, 2010

Feed-Back For My PI

Mike & Linda: I found it interesting that you put weetbix in with the food. Instead of
a heap of videos find a way of making one.

Britt & Harry: I thought it was really funny when Hannah’s dad nearly threw the poo
at the camera. You needed to learn your lines a bit better and it would be better on
one whole presentation.

Alan & Kate: I like it when you interviewed the dog. You need to speak more

Sophie & Lucy: I thought that you showed great personality and humour. You could
have put in a few more facts.

Natalya & Kennedy: I like how you had different people involved. Next time try to
get it onto one presentation.

Kale & Zia: I like how you made it funny and interesting even if you weren’t
interested in the topic. I thought you should work on putting more facts about the
breed not just your dog.

Chaz & Aidan: You were fair and honest and you put a lot of effort into it. You
should either do one big video or link them.

Sara & Alana: It was good because you actually had the type of dog. You could have
talked louder and more clearly.

Libby & Libby: You had really good humour and it was interesting. You needed to
speak more clearly.

Kelly & Emma: I like how you used the microphone. I thought because your topic
was on the breed you could have given us more information about it.

Caleb & Maddy: You obviously really enjoyed doing it and you had great info and
facts and you made it really interesting. I think you might have needed some more

Hadley & Ollie: I like how you made the dog talk. I think next time you should
make it into one whole movie.

Corbie & Egg: You had good facts and humour which made it interesting as I wasn’t
really looking forward to a dog topic. You should have practiced more before you

Nat & Luce: It was very interesting and you had lots of detail in your facts. You
could have talked more clearly and louder because when you were walking away
from the camera we couldn’t hear you.

Thomas & Grace: You really honestly must have loved the topic. It was interesting,
funny, amazing PI on the cutest little dog. I loved it. I think you needed to speak

Mum & Dad:  I think you did an awesome job with the camera Hannah.  You should have explained to everyone at the start that it was recorded on a normal camera with only a small amount of video space - and not on a video recorder.  This meant you had to get quite close to be heard on it cos the sound quality is not great on it and also that you had to do several small videos so all the space wasn't used up.  Fantastic attempt!

My feed-back (Hannah):  I had fun doing it and I think that I chose an interesting topic but next time I need to speak a bit clearer.

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